A Letter To My Best Friend, The Bride-To-Be…

A Letter To My Best Friend, The Bride-To-Be…

Dear My Best Friend,

Congratulations for the upcoming wedding! As I was writing this letter at 3am in the morning, because I can’t sleep being excited that you are getting engaged and married soon, I can’t help being happy, excited and sad at the same time.

You are starting your wedding planning now, and be rest assured that I will be there beside you every step of the way. We will have fun deciding the theme, colours for the wedding, picking out dresses and flowers, arranging the day, maybe you’ll cry along the way because of the stress that you can’t decide on the cake, maybe I’ll be the one who cry seeing how beautiful you are in many wedding dresses that you try on, and cry even harder than your mom the moment we found “the dress”. Don’t worry babe, we will go through it all together I promise, and I promise we will laugh about it in the end during our scheduled teatimes with our children in the future.

The first time I met you at our volunteer work, the only thing that crossed my mind was “I wanna slap this girl” but then you approached me and tell me to stay the night instead of going home and coming back the next day, even though you are sharp-mouthed but I know I was drawn to you and I feel how similar we are in being as real as we possibly can be. That moment I knew, I found someone much more important than any lovers I could find in the future.  The only person that I know will stay in my life forever, and now it has been 9 years after that first encounter, and yet it is proven to be true, you are still here in my life, no matter how we fight, how we argue, how we always point out each other mistake bluntly, our friendship stays strong and going stronger throughout the years. Sometimes people can’t handle us, some even worse, they thought we are lesbians. #friendshipsgoals

We are there for each other for the many mistakes we made, for all the heartbreaks and drunk nights after the heartbreaks. Remember the night you scold me after I almost crash the wedding of that ex of mine? The many other times I scold you for crying for some worthless ex of yours? We always says that maybe that’s why we are separated in two cities by God, we are too overprotective of each other, we won’t be able to approve each other’s boyfriend. 9 years of friendship and we are still talking like we don’t mature with time, still do some crazy things, still covering each other’s asses, still doing ‘our crime’ together.


Funny isn’t it? How our friendship works? We are two very different people. You wear sexy clothes, and I wear comfortable one most of the times. You like make up and I don’t like makeup at all. I read all kinds of books and you will only read several that I recommend to you. I write and you don’t. You always have guys falling on their toes, and I am comfortably witnessing all the stupid things that they did just to get your attentions. I like to eat so much and you are the Diet Guru, although it’s always fail because every time we hang out, you somehow order as much food as I am. HAHA!

Hey remember the time we fight that we almost really push each other off, and I was miserable the whole day, and you were mad the whole time, and we just hug it off and cry it off and voila! We are fine again no matter how much we shouted at each other in the morning. Do you remember how we almost got into a fight with your ex in the mall? Well it didn’t happened even though I wished for it so much, because you pull me to leave.  I’m still pissed off to this day about it. There’s a lot of many other things that we do to pissed each other off and somehow no matter how annoyed we are with each other, we always come back together and grew stronger out of it.

You are getting married soon, and baby, here I am, happy, excited and sad all at the same time. Happy that after so many heartbreak that we went through together, you finally found your person, someone that you can depend on, someone that you can call “home”, and I know that this person is the one for you, after all the many things we do to be sure of it. HAHA!

Here I am, so excited that I can’t sleep at 3 am in the morning because of the many things that going to happen in your life. You will reach another milestone in your life, and all the fun wedding planning we will be doing in the next few months. Not only that, but I am also excited that even though you are getting married, I know we will still do so many stupid things together, and not only that I know we will pull your hubby-to-be to be a part of those things too. No matter who will we marry, we are still the “dumb and dumber” to each other’s. Doing all the stupid things we always do still no matter how old we are.

And yet I am sad that after you get married, I will need to share you with your husband, but don’t worry babe, I know you will make time for me. 😉

Last but the most important, I write this at 3 am, to wish you the very best, my sister from another set of parents.

I wish you all the wisdom to be a good wife to your husband. I wish you be bestowed with all the grace to go through all the obstacles that you will face in your marriage as you grow with it. I wish you the patience to be the mother of all your children in the future. I wish you a good sense of humour, that you find something worthy to laugh for in everything that happened in the future, be it bad and good.

I wish you the humility to admit your wrongs to your husband and the generosity to forgive him the one mistake he makes and the good memory to remember all the thing he did right instead. I wish you the confidence that you guys love each other and no matter what happened you will have the modesty to go through it all together and grow stronger when you come out of it. And finally I wish you love, so much love that you guys fight for no matter what happened, no matter it is 3 years ahead of later when you guys are white-haired and wrinkled.

Lastly, I wish that both of you are…

Simply, comfortably in love with each other.

Sincerely Yours

The Blue Hair Girl.


Paris. DOs & DON’Ts!

Paris. DOs & DON’Ts!


It’s almost a month now I’ve been back to Indonesia. Still not believing that I am already back to routines, already back home. Believe me or not, I’ve been looking for ways to go back to the city of lights before even boarding the plane back to Jakarta.

I might or might not find a new love, but that’s another story for another day. Well this post is solely to give you tips and tricks about visiting Paris, if you haven’t check out the first part of these tips & tricks, you can click here to check it out.

I don’t think I will ever expressed enough times how in love I am with this city. The people, the language, the city, and the historical and the vintage feeling it exudes in so many ways. Well, I’m already missing for the weather, missing for the simple “Bonne Journée” from the strangers you met in the laundry, a Parisian lunch, Angelina’s hot chocolate, the dented overused stairs full of history. But here’s a list of things that are useful for traveling to Paris.

  • First of all, I must say, GIRLS, PARIS IS ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA. There’s something about the city that always makes me feel good, no matter how down am I, or how heartbroken I am. It is a beautiful city, filled with beautiful people speaking beautiful language.
  • When you go for a lunch in Paris, do be patient, all I can concurred from my two months in Paris, eating in restaurant is considered a leisure and they really do take the time to enjoy it. So, learn how to enjoy your meal too. In additional, always read the board that has a writing on it that were usually placed at the entrance. They usually tells you about the specialty of the day, or ‘plat du jour’. Don’t ask for a ‘menu’ if you want to look at the menu card, because in France, “menu” or “formulae” means a set meal. Ask for “la carte”, and they will simply bring you the menu card. Another simple tricks for a good French Bistro, look how many seniors citizens who are eating at the bistro, the more are they means you are in for a treat. (Disclaimer: this is a tip from a local friend of mine, as to how true it is, I’m not responsible, but if it counts, it has been working for me for the two months I am in France)
  • “L’Addition” is french for checks or bills, and always add “s’il vous plait” which means “please”everytime you ask for something. When you ask for help always say Monsieur or Madame, don’t call them garcon  or porteur because it is considered impolite, instead use sir or madam. 🙂
  • I wouldn’t considered Paris to be a good destination if you are traveling with a baby, unless you are aiming to go to the Disneyland, but all the rest of it is more suited for lovers or couples in my opinions.
  • Have picnic in the park when you are there. A good sandwich, a good book, a glass of wine or any drinks that you prefer. A leisure time under a tree will never go wrong. LIKE SERIOUSLY! Psst, check the weather though, that’s the only thing that could go wrong.
  • Go for dates, if you are single. A glass of wine in the terrace or even dinner maybe, is always a good idea to get to know someone new. Be open to all the possibilities. You really never know… 😉
  • Always greet back to the salesperson if you enjoy shopping in Paris, it’s part of the experience to let them know what you are looking for.
  • Dress sensibly. Paris is the fashion capital, yes, but that doesn’t mean you will see what you see in the runway in the middle of the streets of Paris. So dress sensibly, don’t over exaggerate or dress to the extreme, dressing well to the occasion and the weather is always a preference there. Please do keep yourself warm in the winter though.
  • Go for a walk in Paris during the day and the night. It’s two different experience. Paris by day and Paris by night is as equally beautiful.
  • It is in my personal opinion, a must for everyone to go to the summit of Eiffel Tower for once in their life. To experience such a magnanimous experience is beyond expressible by any words. You will realised that you are just a simple human being, and it put everything into differents perspective. Well at least they do for me.
  • Another small tip from me, go to the local perfumery. It is seldom to see perfume if you are looking for it in the counter. The mainstreams brands sometimes just provide you with two options, eau du parfum and eau de toilette. They have local brand like Fragonard that sells perfume that smell wonderful and last for a whole day.
  • Always check the closing hours of the famous places you want to visit, and plan your itinerary beforehand. But don’t get too caught up with it, remember you are in Paris, go with the flow.
  • Go for Angelina’s hot chocolate. It will be the best hot chocolate you’ll ever have in Paris. It’s around 8 euros, and you can share it, because it is thick, almost bordering on chocolate sauce kind of thick.

Well, I think that’s all the tips & tricks I can give you all. Drop me an email if you want to know more or ask on specific thing. I hope you guys have fun in Paris when you decide to go for adventure there, and I hope these tips & tricks are going to be useful for you guys.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to go back there, who knows maybe I’ll move there for good. But till then, I will be

Simply, comfortably in love with Paris…


The Blue Hair Girl

Everything I’ve Learned About Loving Someone…

“What is love?” he asked, snuggled with her in the corner of the dark grey sofa, while one of the episode of their favourite TV shows are on the screen of their plasma TV. No one is paying attention to the TV, she was snoozing off after a tiring day, and he was enjoying the feeling of her body cuddled up to his chest. The orange flame is dancing in the other corner, the smell of burning cedar wood filled the air that cold autumn night. Pumpkin spice aroma soon replaced the cedar when they heard the loud sound the oven made.

She jumped out of the comfort of the snuggles, much to her reluctance, and rush to the kitchen, slowly pulling out the round pumpkin pie from the oven while blowing air from her mouth as if it’s going to cool down the pastry she held in her hands. He slowly approach her, whose standing at the kitchen counter.

“Earth to you baby!” he hug her from behind, while whispering naughtily in her right ear.

She giggled asking to be spared, which he happily obliged while pretending to be reluctant. The mood have gotten heavier, the air suddenly feel like it has drop a few degrees even though they are standing near the still-heated oven which are in the process of cooling down.

“What is love?” he repeated the question.

She smiled her serene smile, and think to herself while she was enveloped in his arms, warmed and loved.

“This is love.” She answered while waving her hands in the air. “You, pumpkin pie, me, in our home, warmed and comfy, as simple and as complicated as that.”

She paused and smile while he was looking at her, unconvinced.

“Love is the everyday morning kiss you gave me to wake me up, love is the movie night date every Thursday, love is the way you hug me and kiss my forehead every single time you come home and find me in the kitchen, love is the way I annoyed you when you work too much and forget to cuddle me, love is when you are annoyed that I put too much spice in my food and you can’t steal a bite from mine.”

He was laughing at her answers, but she continued her answer.

“It’s not all, love is when you and I fight and you always want to talk it out until we cleared out everything, love is when you told me how you feel when I do something wrong or you don’t like, love is when you cry in front of me and not attempting to wipe your tears, love is when I cry and instead of ignoring me, you hug me until I stop crying even though I might be crying because we’re fighting, and you were actually still pissed off at me. Love is when you do what you promised to do, and I appreciate you for it. Love is when you asked me questions knowing that I’m snoozing off and you are okay with not getting an answer right away.” She winked at him, making him throw his head back in laughter.

“Love is all the things you do that annoyed me, and all the things I always do that I know annoyed you while you pretend that you are not.  Love is all the consistent thing you always do and makes me think you are sexy as hell, love is the way you love me and it teaches me how to love you back, love is all the things I mentioned  and at the very center part of it, love is you…”


– A part of a reality that have not yet happened.
—- t.b.h.g


A Writer’s Mess

In the beginning of time, I wrote for you…

I write and keep writing for you, and somehow in the middle I started writing to you. Heart aching for some responses that I never get. I know I will never get.

My writing for you is selfish in every kind of way possible. It is the littlest insignificant of you that I write about.

And as I continue, I begin to write about the epitome of you. The abstract idea of you that were in my imaginations.

Then reality comes kicking me in the face. The truth hits, I wasn’t writing about you, nor do I write to you anymore, I was writing about what I want you to be. My vivid imaginations of you that I wish so hard to be true.

I began to tear pages of my writings of you… attempting to fix everything, to go back to writing for you.

In the end, I was left in the middle of many torn pages, a writer’s mess, just to realize that I lost myself in the middle of writing about you, and now that every pages have already been torn, I have torn away every piece of me too…

And in the middle of this writer’s mess, there’s no more you, no more me, and worst of all no more us…

—- t.b.h.g


An Advise To Myself…

When is the last time you danced on the street when you hear a good music?

When is the last time you exclaim how delicious the food you are eating?

When is the last time you smile to a stranger you pass by on the street, and just greet them and wish them a good day?

When is the last time walk around town and take pictures of them before they changes?

When is the last time you slow down your steps just to breathe and enjoy the sunshine, feel the breeze?

When is the last time you stop just to enjoy the music played by some good street musician?

When is the last time you sat down on the grass, with a book under the tree?

When is the last time you venture alone?

When is the last time you jump into a chance of happiness without thinking?

When is the last time you let time heal you?

When is the last time you let yourself fall in love?

Do it baby, before it’s too late, do it.

Slow down, dance, eat, listen to good music, tap your feet to a good rhythm you listen to on the street, read your favorite book, greet a stranger, venture into the unknown, sleep under the tree.

Let yourself heal and enjoy life again.

and lastly…

fall in love baby… fall in love like you never fall in love before…

—- t.b.h.g

Okay With Goodbyes…

‘Why are you so calm with goodbyes?’ He asked her.

‘Because at some point in our life, we will need to face it. Whether you are ready is not gonna matter. We, human, tend to hold on to something that is ready to leave us, sometimes not because they want to but because they need to.’ She answered.

‘I don’t want you to leave.’

‘You can stop me for a while, but you can’t stop me forever baby.’ She smiled her calm smile.
—- t.b.h.g


A Poetry From The Past… 

It’s a poetry about you and me, dear lover from the past.

So here it goes….


Pernyataan Hati

Air mata mengalir sendu, membasahi pipi ranum sang gadis

Penyesalan datang terlambat, memenuhi pelosok hati sang pemuda

Di laut asa penuh bimbang, menyeret kesedihan ke lautan dalam

Sang gadis menangis sendu senyap, sang pemuda menghujat menghujat kebodohan dirinya

Di pasir penuh seribu makna, air mata jatuh ke permukaan

Menyedot amarah dan kesedihan, dengan ombak lembut pengantar sayang

Matahari tenggelam ditelan laut, meninggalkan seberkas langit berwarna jingga

Sang gadis mengaguminya, sang pemuda tak ingin melupakannya

Kan kutulis sebuah cerita, tentang dua insan muda yang jatuh cinta

Memeluk cinta dalam kebisuan, menangisi sayang yang tak tersampaikan

Berdiam diri dalam kebingungan, menghela nafas tanpa kelegaan

Hanya tersisa waktu untuk menunggu, sang kekasih menitipkan rindu

Kan kutorehkan sebuah kisah, dua insan memadu kasih

Tali jalinan kejujuran rasa sayang, pernyataan hati yang abadi
– t.b.h.g , written on 6th July 2007


It was that one day that I was on a call with a good friend, and decided to open my old scribbles while talking to him.

The page was opened to this poetry from 10 years back, well nothing to say about the past that triggered me to write this piece, but I guess this is one of the poetries I have that I am confident enough to share it here.

Well, it turns out I am what we called ‘alay’ now, back then in 2007. LOL! This is a piece that I’ve written in a hurry before I lose all the courage and the crazy twenty seconds of insanity to post and publish what to be a very immature writing in content and grammar, so pardon me for a lot of ‘not well thought of’ words and phrasing here and there. 🙂

Here I am, in 2017. A month and a half before embarking on a new adventure, and still…

Simply, comfortably in love with you…
The Blue Hair Girl