Empty Cigarettes Box

365 days, I waited to meet you… 

365 days, all I get is ‘I love you, but I’m sorry’ 

And all I have left of you is the empty cigarettes box, of your favourite brand and a few pictures of us… the last time we are together… 

365 days, and I need to let you go… 

365 days… 


What scare me the most isn’t being heartbroken… 

It is being heartbroken and being numb to it to the point you didn’t even realised you are heartbroken that frightened the hell out of me… 

And you, you are the reason I am heartbroken over and over again…

And I’m on the verge of being numb… 
—- t.b.h.g

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Bonjour a Tous!

Je suis en vacances a Paris. C’est tres bien ici! 🙂

Well that’s as much as I can go with my french, at least for now. It’s been exactly two week that I live here in Paris.

It’s been an exhilarating experience so far, being alone in a foreign country, where I don’t know the culture or even the language. Liberating in so many different ways you can imagine.

Traveling does makes you open up your mind. Your problems seems smaller and unimportant. In the past two weeks, I feel myself coming back to me. I guess it’s true then, that traveling is essential to self-actualization. Enough about me though, I’m writing this piece to give you some insight and tips about traveling in Paris.

  • If you’re travelling for more than a week, go and find an AirBnb apartment instead of hotel, because it’s much cheaper than staying in a hotel. Be informed that the apartment here is quite small and most of them don’t have escalator or lift, so be mindful with the size of your luggage and the weight, because you will need to carry them up and down. Also that sometimes, they shared  bathroom per floor, so please pick the apartment carefully when you are browsing the app.
  • Let’s face it, Paris isn’t the safest place, so beware of pickpockets and robbery, and also beware of the gypsies scams. If you are approached by some stranger you don’t know, just smile and walk away. If you saw someone playing guess ‘where’s the ball?’ on the street, don’t get tricked and play with them.
  • Paris is a big city, and a place of destinations. It’s prone to be targeted for a terrorist attack, so the security is strict here. Open up your bag for the security to check whenever you are going to enter the mall or famous places. The line could be very long so open up your handbag before you are in front of the security. It’s a normal procedure here so there’s nothing to be afraid of. You just scan and then you go!
  • Go get a NaviGo Card at the ticket booth at any metro station nearest to you if you are going to travel around Paris. It’s 5 Euro for the card and 22.80 Euro for zone 1-5 for a week, means you can just go anywhere by bus, metro, tram, train just using this card. You’ll need an ID picture to be pasted on your NaviGo Card, so be prepared. But if you don’t, they usually have a photomaton for you to take the pictures.
  • Here are some of the list of the metro stations to the famous places and the museums, and some of my favorite place to eat.
    • La Tour Eiffel – Trocadero
    • Musee Du Louvre – Palais Royal
    • Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop – Saint Michel
    • Notre Dame – Saint Michel
    • Quartier Latin – Saint Michel
    • I will update more when I go to more places.
  • The Metro System is the same with Singapore MRT System, but they do have more lines. So just be careful and make sure you take the right line and stop at the right metro station.


So that’s it for this post, I will write more post and write more tips and secrets, and more list of metro stops to places that I think you should visit when you are in Paris.

Au Revoir!


Simply, comfortably in love…


The Blue Hair Girl



I’m saying hi from seven thousands miles away.

‘Hi, how are you?’ isn’t relevant words anymore, because I know you are doing fine with her.

And it doesn’t matter to me anymore, because I’m here all alone, enjoying myself, traveling around the city of lights.

Putting my iPod into shuffle mode while I walk around Paris, and it played the song you used to gave me, and this time round, I smiled because of it. The first time I smiled since a long time ago when I listen to it.

I’m fine now, and maybe the next time we meet, we will laugh about it.


Simply, comfortably in love…


The Blue Hair Girl

‘Traveling. It leaves you speechless and turn you into a storyteller.’- #ibnbatuta

A new adventure for me. On contrary to previous places i’ve been to, I pick #Paris this time round. An unknown place for me, stranger all around, a language I don’t understand at all.
I was scared and nervous and excited all at the same time.

It has been a week, and I’m starting to miss all of you back home!

Tu me manques, mes amis! 😘😘😘

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– at Paris

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Hi #Louvre! I told you I will be back! 🙂
Spending my second weekend in Paris, a full day exploring @museelouvre.

Another #bucketlist checked! And a shoutout to my mom, @irenetow64 for being a good backmodel.😂😂

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– with Irene

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Life Mantra 

I am enough.

I deserve someone who treat me like his main plan all along.

My life and my time is too precious to entertain the idea of being a back-up plan.

I am not a back-up plan. Never was and never will be okay being treated like one, nor do I will be okay making other women to be a back-up plan because of me.
—- t.b.h.g