The Blue Hair Girl – About Me

Inside this blue head of mine, where everything is chaotic…

Where creativity is a necessity, while comfort is essential…

Words are like a porn to me… Sultry, sensual guilty pleasure…


Hi There! I’m Wenwen. Just a simple minded, sometimes rowdy and some other times is a hopeless romantic girl.

I worked as a wedding planner, baker, blogger, food blogger. I also work as a motivational coach with a well-known company from Singapore for the past ten years. Travelling in my free time, I will also talk about it here.

I’m going to write about a lot of things here, from recipes to my thoughts and everything about life and events that surrounds me.

I’m a Taureans, I don’t know if that is significant, and a Rhum Raisins Gelato Lover. An avid reader, a tomboy who likes to cross-stitch. An over-sensitive someone who feels everything too much.  A blue hair girl in her mind and in the future reality.

A poet in look for true love, an aspiring writer in progress to write her first book. In shower-singer, a girl who is doing her best to be as genuine as she can.


My List of Businesses and Social Media Accounts:

Bozza Event Organizer : @bozza_eo

Minime Granola & Online Dessert Shop: @minime.minime

Hungry Wolf Rice Bowl : @hungrywolfrice

My Food Blog: @lefoodmemoirs

My Facebook Account: Wen Wen Silvya Ansari 

My Instagram: @hongjiawen90


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